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Student Loan Watchdog

Our goal is to inform any students that are considering borroring money for school. We are committed to helping parents and students get the funding that they need for a better education. There are many choices and it's an important decision to choose the best option that is right for you.

High School Students

It's never too early to start looking into which type of student loans will be right for you. Find out about Stafford loans, PLUS loans, and private loans now. Student Loan Watchdog will guide you through the options that are right for you for free.

College Students

Life as a student can change and so can your student loan options. Make sure that you are on the best path. Incorrect choices now can cost thousands of dollars in interest payments later.


There are many hybrid options for you and your son or daughter. Whether you are planning on taking a new PLUS loan or your child will get a Stafford loan, you can be sure to get the right information here. Also, there are many private loan options that are available.

College Graduates

Today's interest rates make consolidating all your loans a smart option that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in saved interest. Consolidating your student loans can also reduce your monthly payments and put more money back in your pocket!

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